Turned down for the disability

Bonita - loosecabooseiam@yahoo.ca

Posted 2009-01-11

I am wondering if anyone from Ontario Canada has coccyx pain, or if I am the only one. (lol)

I have had this pain since having my daughter in early 2007. Both an MRI and x-ray (laying down in both) have come back as normal.

The Dr. did say my coccyx is mobile and knows it is very tender. I can not sit for any period of time really. I am trying to get disability through private insurance as my job requires me to sit for over 8 hours per day. Anyone else going through this?

I have been turned down for the disability even though I have a real problem. How can I go about proving this? It is real and not in my head...how can I show that?

I do still have to go back to see the doctor, but I don't want a injection either. Nothing at all worked on the tailbone pain during childbirth, how could it help take the pain away now.

I also now get anxiety attacks due to all the financial hardship I am going through. I have been reduced to living on assistance.

Thank you for reading my problem.

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