Dislocated coccyx and twisted pelvis


Posted 2009-02-22

Dr Michael Durtnall - Eighth Wonder of the World! (Sayer Clinic - Kensington/Chelsea W8)

My problem started last year. I hurt my Coccyx at work (I didn't know what it was called at the time) so for three to four months I wandered around not being able to sit or lay down without great pain. It was also really exhausting, not being able to just sit! To eat, drive, relax etc and at bedtime you're dying to just rest somewhere and you can't. You keep circling the chair like a friendly whale, but you can't sit on it, so spend the nights and early hours walking around reading and listening to rubbish radio.

Whatever it was, it wasn't getting any better and during those three to four months I had visited Osteopaths, Physios etc who were all very well meaning people but unfortunately ineffective.

I visited my clever GP who said 'its your coccyx and they can be tricky' and dispensed anti-inflammatories.

That evening I googled 'painful Coccyx' and found a list of registered specialists/doctors in the UK. I choose Dr Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London), a chiropractor at the Sayer Clinic in Kensington, London, UK after reading the personal experiences patients had posted on his website of his remarkable work and wonderful success rate.

I got an appointment the following week at the Sayer Clinic, London. Dr Durtnall took immediate action then and there. I had low grade x-rays taken, notes of my medical history documented, followed by a full examination.

Dr Durtnall then told me his findings (Coccyx dislocated in two places and a twisted pelvis) I was shown my x-rays, and the plan of action. At the same appointment I had Acupuncture, Osteopathy and manual internal manipulation (just count to twenty and it will be over!). Dr Durtnall was genuinely very caring, approachable and interested.

I have now had approximately 6/7 appointments with Dr Durtnall and I am approximately 75% better and hope to make a full recovery.

I have found him to be an extremely thorough and hugely knowledgeable professional. I trust him implicitly and believe he is committed to helping people.

The wisdom of his thirty years experience together with the cutting edge/ state of the art x-ray equipment is his patients' very good fortune.

Thank you very much,


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