Coccyx Pain - Michael Durtnall

David, UK

Posted 2009-10-25

Hi, I would like to share the experiences of my step son, Daniel.

At the beginning of August 2009, Daniel started to feel pain in the coccyx region and over the next 4-5 weeks the pain got gradually worse and worse - even to the stage that he was unable to sit down for any length of time and when he did it was only on one buttock. He spent most of the time laid on the settee at home. Daniel is currently studying for his A levels with the intention to go to university and study law - he is a very bright lad and to see what this pain was doing to him was heartbreaking.

We contacted the local NHS hospital who referred him to the pain management team who made an appointment for him in 8 weeks time. This was no good and we paid private for him to go to another pain specialist at a different NHS hospital. He was given some painkillers and told if it got any worse come back. Over that weekend the pain got a lot worse and on the Monday he was admitted to the NHS hospital for tests. He spent all week in hospital and had two MRI scans and a CT scan - nothing was found. Despite telling the doctors that the pain was in the coccyx region not one of them did any further tests. At the end of the week he was sent home with 3-4 different sorts of painkillers and was told that it was unexplained back pain and got on with your life and it will go away.

From a parents point of view it is not great to see your 17 year old step son taking morphine 2-3 times a day to stop the pain. We then decided to look on the internet for coccyx pain and found the website. We then looked for a coccyx specialist in our area, but could find none. We decided we would have to travel to sort the problem and because he had most references and stories from patients we decided to give Michael Durtnall from the Sayer Clinic a call (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). He booked Daniel in for an appointment but because Daniel was in so much pain we had to hire a private ambulance to get him down to London as a car journey was out of the question because of the amount of sitting time involved.

Once at the Sayer Clinic and within literally 15 -20 minutes o