Has anyone grown armpit breast tissue?

Anne - awheeler586@comcast.net

Posted 2009-04-19

It has been almost two years since my coccyx removal and I have no regrets. In my case, surgery was the correct solution. I donít even think about my backside anymore.

I have a new and interesting condition since I had injections prior to tailbone surgery trying to do everything I could to avoid surgery. I cannot even recall what they injected into my tailbone, but I had to be sedated and they used a fluoroscope (spelling??).

Both my armpits have grown breast tissue. I have lumps under each arm about the size of a hackey sack. I am wondering if it could have been caused by the injections. I think they were some type of steroid. My doctor says no, but I doubt they would tell me that a procedure they did on me caused me to grow "breast pits". I know many of you monitoring this board had injections in an attempt to reduce pain or avoid surgery.

I am just wondering if any of you out there have had the same problem. Did any of you grow "breast pits" otherwise known as axillary breast tissue after your injections? If so, could you please write me at awheeler586@comcast.net or send a response to Jon?

I am having surgery to remove them on May 1. This will be only my second surgery. I have not found a breast pits website to email some people who have had this surgery. I would love to hear from someone. My surgeon has said he has done it more than two dozen times so it is not totally unheard of.

I am probably the only woman in Michigan with no tailbone and breastpits. Maybe the entire United States. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. This has to be astronomical odds.

Thanks again Jon for this board. It provides a tremendous service to a small but pained group of people. I still read it every week, even two years post op.

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