I feel a "crunch" in my tailbone area

Nick K. - nkrochmal@hotmail.com

Posted 2009-08-29

For the last year I have had terrible pain in the lumbar region of my back, as well as my left buttock and occasional shooting pain down my leg. It turns out I had a herniated disc in my L5/S1. Three weeks ago I had both a microdiscectomy as well as laminectomy performed. Already my leg pain, buttock pain, and lower back pain are almost completely gone! I do have one type of pain which is still with me; sometimes when I sit down OR if I switch positions while already seated I feel a "crunch" in my tailbone area which is quite painful. At its worst I leap out of the chair because of the pain. Other times it is just too uncomfortable to sit down. I should note the pain only occurs when I sit or change positions it immediately gets better when I get up out of the chair. I'm writing this because somewhere on this site a certain tailbone condition has the trait of the pain worsening when you got up.

When I mentioned this to my neurosurgeon at my post operative checkup he said I probably just had "a little arthritis" in my tailbone and to live with it. I did not argue because I had other things on my mind at the time. I can tell you the reader that I don't want to live with it - and if it does not improve significantly after I complete the physical therapy for my back surgery I will seek advice from a specialist.

The only thing I have found that helps mitigate the pain is a special cushion that has an empty "slot" were my tailbone is located. This cushion helps out quite a bit but obviously I can't always have this custom cushion with me.

I'm looking to see if other folks on this site also feel "crunching" when they have tailbone pain - and if so if they have had the cause diagnosed - or better yet successfully treated. I know just because someone else says they felt crunching and were diagnosed with "X" that I don't necessarily also have "X" but it is still useful information.

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