Dr. Karen Pryor of Tennessee

Debbie Parker - busyla44@aol.com

Posted 2009-07-05

My name is Debbie Parker. I am from Southern Indiana and had been seeking care for coccyx pain that I have had for 2 1/2 years. I had no luck in my area finding a doctor that knew quite what to do or how to treat me. I went through several MRI's, bone scans, physical therapy, and pain management.

After all of these had failed to help with the pain I decided to search for help out of my area. I looked online and discovered Dr. Pyror (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Tennessee) and decided to give her a try. This had been the best choice I'd ever made. She was such a wonderful doctor and was able to help in several ways. She not only helped me there in her office, but she also taught my husband and I how to do the treatments on our own. Her goal was not to have me make several trips to see her, but to learn to treat myself which gave me a better understanding of my overall condition. She was so helpful and had the best bedside manner, she was so flexible with our schedule; I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Dr. Pryor.

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