Surgery in Turkey

Pinar -

Posted 2009-03-29

I am 36 year old female living in Turkey who is also suffering from coccyx for 2,5 years. I have tried every method including injections but all the relief was temporary and I have come to an end. My tomography showed that I also had a bony spur on coccyx. My physician Elif Gurkan (see Doctors and specialists in Turkey) (who gave my last injection and she also has worked with Dr. Maigne in Paris), directed me to an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Yalcin Yavuzer (see Doctors and specialists in Turkey).

I was operated on February at Deutch Krankenhous (German Hospital) in Istanbul. The operation took 1,5 hours, I was fine after the surgery. Despite I have an allergy to some of the pain killers (bad luck), the pain was manageable. I didn't have the chance to use the intravenous painkillers but I was given voltaren injections whenever I needed. I also was given antibiotics for preventing the infection. The incision site was less than 3 inches, totally 6 stitches. My doctor told me that, he removed the last part of the tailbone and also this part was separated and moving around with a sharp bony spur on it.

I stayed in hospital for 2 days but started to walk the next day after the surgery. I came home and used the pain killers for one week. The pain was not unbearable, I started to do all the housework at the third day but was careful because of the stitches..

The second week, the stitches was removed... I was off the painkillers.. No infection or no itching on the incision site but I started to feel sore in that days . I called the doc and he said there might be an edema and he gave me 2 pills of cataflam each day, and it worked..

I started to drive and back to my normal life exactly the third week but with my cushion. I can sit without the cushion only by sitting one of my side..

I am now 1 month after the surgery. I can go outside, drive or have a cup of coffee with my friends but always with my cushion. I am feeling almost normal and it is getting better every day but still very cautious so I think the cushion will be with me for some time..

My doctor was very supportive and kind. Feel free to e-mail me if you need any help especially from Turkey... God helps you, wish all of you the best..


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