Coccyx pain after motorcycle accident

Natacha -

Posted 2009-03-08

In May 2007, I was in a motorcycle accident in the Dominican Republic. At the time, I sustained a nasty 3nd degree burn on my right calf. I had no idea until one year later that I had also injured my coccyx. It took a month before I noticed the pain. It was extremely excruciating to stand up after sitting for just a few minutes. I saw a doctor in the Dominican Republic and another one in the US in August 2007. They found nothing. The doctor in US treated me for hemorrhoids since I had developed that unexpectedly. But even with a donut and trying all kinds of sitting positions, the pain continued.

I returned to the Dominican Republic in December 2007. Pain was even worse now with the bad roads. So in March a friend recommended that I visit a chiropractor who also has a colonistic therapist in the office. The chiropractor told me that my spine was all out of shape from the accident and the therapist told me that the coccyx was bent from the accident. They mentioned that this was a common accident in the Dominican Republic. Solution: therapy by manipulation of the coccyx to put it into place and spinal adjustments twice a week. After 2 weeks I was worse than ever. Instead of going to my appointment, I opted to go to a clinic and demanded an X-ray that would reveal my coccyx. The X-ray tech came out shocked. He showed me not 1 but 2 areas in my coccyx that were fractured or damaged.

At that time I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who kindly gave me an extremely painful cortisone shot in the coccyx itself and placed me on 3 weeks of bed rest. Since I was also having sciatic nerve issues, he prescribed vitamin B shots every other day for one week. The pain subsided, but the cortisone gave me a really bad edema. I had to fast for almost a week to see relief.

Then I was encouraged to see a rehabilitation specialist who now kindly told me that it was not just my coccyx, but my pelvis had moved and one side of my hip was now higher than the other. Thus begun my weekly therapy and my new lift for my shoe. Things seemed to have gotten better, but about one month into it, the constant excruciating pain returned. I stopped the therapy and have been resting more. I have good days and bad days. I so wish that I could get rid of this pain. I am seriously considering surgery since it's been almost 2 years of constant pain, and now whether I sit or lay or stand sometimes.

Has anyone had an injury similar to this where he or she did not know that the coccyx was being damaged over and over again for at least a year? As I write this to you today, I am laying down on my side because I cannot lay on my back today due to the pain.


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