Article by Brenda about self-manipulation

Richard Bishop -

Posted 2009-12-20

Wow, thank you Brenda. I developed Coccyx pain almost a year ago after a spring break trip of driving to Florida and playing golf every day. Yeah, which one contributed or caused the pain, who knows. I thought maybe it was related to a teen issue, the old pull the chair out from underneath you trick. I remember the pain at that time but it went away and I thought maybe this is an old injury coming back to haunt me.

Anyway, my frustration has been the trips to two different Chiropractors and a Medical doctor, all without any solutions. Today I am actually scheduled to try a Laser Treatment. I had a sample treatment and it relieved the pain for 8 -9 hours and I was some improvement, but they said it would take 6 more treatments at a cost of $240.

So, I happened to find this site online and was reading the article by Brenda about the self-manipulation. Now everyone has been pretty clear about how the coccyx is tilted wrong and blah. But no one has come up with a good solution. The Medical doctor said to live with it because the only options are a Cortisone shot and that's only temporary or surgery that isn't a great solution either. The Chiropractors have been try various external manipulation techniques that work for a few days, sometimes not all and make it worse, and never fixes the problem. One mentioned the internal adjustment that didn't sound all that pleasant. So sitting here reading Brenda's article, I thought what the heck I'll try anything right. Some of you know what I am talking about anything for relief, because I've tried a lot already that hasn't worked. So I did it, just as she described. Over my underwear I sat in a chair and leaned over located the tip of my coccyx, put pressure on it and sat up. Didn't know how long to sit like this or how hard to push but I sat like that maybe ten seconds and let go.

I didn't think I could get this from the basic description, I mean come on, all that I have tried and gone thru it couldn't be that simple. Wow, I don't know what to think, but I am sitting here off my stupid cut-out-cushion seat and have no pain. Okay a little of tissue around the coccyx still feels tender, but that is totally different than pressure pain, and if you are reading this you know what I am talking about. Obviously I am so impressed I had to write about it, because if it helped me and this convinces you to try it and it helps you thank GOD because that's my response! I don't know if I will cancel the laser treatment but maybe I will it feels great! Man I hope this isn't too good to be true, but it already is. I am looking forward to see what happens the next few days. Try it.

Richard Bishop

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