Recovering well after surgery


Posted 2009-04-26

I first started having coccyx pain 4 years ago. It started after a horse riding incident - I didn't fall off, but bashed my tailbone on the back of the saddle and it hurt. Shortly afterwards I did a task at work which involved intensive figure work for 3 days - during which time I hardly moved from my chair - it hurt more.

I couldn't sit straight in my chair at work, had numerous periods of sickness absence which I was hauled over the coals for - I had to fight for a proper coccyx 'cut out' chair. At home, and out and about, I had numerous coccyx cushions which helped but only a bit. I was always squirming about - my hips and back hurt from sitting oddly - I had a horse I couldn't ride which broke my heart.

I tried meds, physio therapy, radio therapy, meds, laser treatment, acupuncture, steroid injections, more meds, manipulation via rectum under general anaesthetic, and more meds - did I say I was living on meds and painkillers?

Anyway, my consultant finally said surgery was all he had left to offer. He thought it stood a good chance of improving things. So 2 weeks ago I had coccyx removed. I was in hospital one day before the op, the op was at 9ish the next morning. The op took about an hour. I woke up on my back and the first thing I said was 'Can I turn over?' I slept most of that morning. Later that day I had tea and toast. By tea time I was able to eat normally - propped on my side. The following day I felt sore but was standing up to eat because it was easier. Came home at tea time on that day - only one day post op .

All I can say is --- I think it's worked! Even now - so soon after - the pain is different - the horrible constant drag-you-down pain has morphed into something I know will lessen !

I've had 2 weeks of lying about - I am unable to sit at all yet - too painful. I'm sleeping mainly on my tummy but am able to rest on either hip through the day. It's gone from being verrrrry sore to bearable in that time. I am walking pretty well but can't stand for long periods of time.

All in all I'm very pleased and relieved. I'll update some time in the future and name my surgeon - once I've asked him if it's ok to do so.

Day 6 - post op. Dressing lifted to show incision - it's painted with iodine - held closed with internal dissolvable stitches and has 4 steri-tapes over the cut.

scar on day 6

Day 11 - Steri-tapes have washed off - so has iodine - it feels very tight and is itchy where the sticky part of dressing has been - seems to be healing well though.

scar on day 6

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