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Michael -

Posted 2009-01-18

My name is Michael Hall and I live in Perth, WA. I have had coccyx pain for 3-4 years and had all the usual x-rays and scans, brueffen anti-inflammatory course over a 3 month period. Nothing improved but then had pain management injections twice over 18 months which helped quell the pain.

It has been so hard to find help and has taken me 3 years even contemplating removal of the coccyx which was the wrong thing to do and wouldn't have solved my pain problem. So think carefully about the removal of the coccyx.

But keep looking for the right Physio who knows about the Pelvis, not many do, or contact Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physio Centre and visit.

I have since found Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physio Centre Dr. Barbara Hungerford (see Doctors and specialists in Australia) who specialises in pelvis treatment and she is the guru on the spine and pelvis in Australia with a Ph.D.. and trains overseas.

I visited for 7 days and received 3 treatments for the muscles and ligaments which attach to the sacrum. After I had the first treatment I felt good, no pain from walking and less pain sitting. I was provided with exercises which include core muscles and ligament drawing up from the pelvis and working on the gluteus maximus buttock muscles which after doing take away stiffness.

I got the referral to Barbara Hungerford in Sydney from a Physio in Albury while visiting my daughter. I had elbow pain and I asked about the Coccyx. She had the pain herself for 15 years after giving birth to her son and went to Barbara Hungerford and her pain went after one visit. Amazing ! !

Barbara Hungerford found me a physio in Perth Kate Elphick at Beaumaris Physiotherapy (see Doctors and specialists in Australia) who is knowledgeable in Lumbo-Pelvic pain and trained in the methods used by Barbara Hungerford at Sydney Spine & Pelvis. Kate gives me ongoing treatment to manage my coccyx pain.

If anyone needs information please email me

All the best.


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