Chiropractor and self-manipulation (internal) has reduced pain from 10 to 3

Anonymous -

Posted 2009-05-17

I am a 64 year old male that has suffered coccyx pain for over a year. I believe I injured the area while riding a recumbent bike and over-exercising when the pain began. I have finally found relief after a year of pain and going through the surgeons, mri's , x-rays, pain meds, and anti-inflammatory meds. This site has been a relief for me over the past year.

I found a chiropractor, who, along with self-manipulation (internal) (see Lee's experience) has allowed me to go from a 10 on the severe pain scale to below a 3. The chiropractor took two xrays-one standing and one sitting. He showed me where a muscle/ligament was pulling the coccyx to the left. He then worked on my lower back to straighten my sacrum and release that ligament. I began going to him about five weeks ago three times a week. I am now down to one a week. I usually have a lower body massage prior to his adjustment to further assist in relaxing that muscle/ligament.

I have gone for four straight days at one stretch without pain. I am still, at times, experiencing a deep ache in my tail bone but with self-manipulation (internal) I am able to relieve the pain. I believe I am on the road to recovery but realize it may take time. I am so pleased that I am not in the daily 8 to 10 level pain that interrupted my life for over a year.

I am taking it slow and walking several miles three times a week and otherwise doing normal activities. I still use a cushion at work or on hard surfaces but can ride in my car without it for quite a while. While everyone is different I believe the chiropractor is correct that we all have the same basic skeletal alignment that, every so often gets out of line and needs to be adjusted. I remain optimistic and will update my condition in a few months.

Update, 2010-01-10

It has now been over seven months of seeing the chiropractor who initially helped me. While, at times of stress, lifting heavy material, or sitting for long periods at the computer I experience some intial discomfort, it usually goes away as I get up and walk around. The chiropractor believes my sacruum was being pulled by the strong performis muscle and causing nerve pain due my over exercising on the bike. I get a lower body massage for about 1/2 hour prior to his sessions which are now averaging about one every three weeks. In between, I get a weekly massage to relax the muscles. It is obvious that the pain was there for a long time and I must be patient as each week I feel better and the constant pain is gone and it may take more time for complete elimination of the pain. As I have always been a type A personality I am learning patience. I have gone from a 10 to a 1 on the pain scale. I am grateful for that. I do not take any medication other than an occasional Aleve for muscle aces. I have changed my diet and lost 30 pounds with the diet and exercise. This site was a godsend when I needed it the most. Thanks Jon for your efforts.

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