I can feel extreme pressure on my coccyx

Karen - kaz_steve@hotmail.com

Posted 2009-02-15

I've been having pain in my lower back/coccyx for a few years now. I finally went to the doctor and got referred to a specialist as I had Pilonidal Sinuses. I had surgery in August 2008 and finally thought my troubles had ended - however it's 6 months later and I still have problems. It's hard to explain but it hurts when I sneeze and after sitting for a while it really hurts to stand... I have to slowly rise from my seat as I can feel extreme pressure on my coccyx.

I went back to my specialist and told him I was still sore as didn't know if it was from the Pilonidal Sinuses - however he said that my wound had healed and all looked fine. He sent me off to have a CT Scan and the results just came back and all looks OK, however he can see the early early stages of Arthritis of the Coccyx. He didn't really give me any indication of treatment and said just to sit tight and go see him in 6 months again if the pain is still there (which I know it will be).

Wondering if there is anyone out there with a similar problem and some advice on treatment.



Note - See also Coccyx pain caused by previous medical treatments

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