Simple idea cured my coccydynia

Subhash Kulkarni -

Posted 2009-09-27

I had been suffering from coccydynia for almost 14 years. I did a lot of research on-line & finally came up with a simple idea that worked for me.

I used a flexible plastic sheet (not too flexible) & placed it on my cushioned chair which I sit on almost 9 hours a day. (It's actually a flexible plastic cutting board used in kitchens that I found in IKEA furniture store. You could use something similar).

This prevented the chair cushion from reaching the coccyx when I sit. The plastic sheet restrains the cushion while giving just enough curvature to make me feel comfortable.

I hope this will help others. In any case, please forward it to anyone who is suffering from such problems. I realized that this problem is caused mainly due to sitting on cushioned seats for long periods of time.

Good luck,

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