Tailbone pain after 27 surgerys for other conditions

Sherrie Holtz - Sherherm@verizon.net

Posted 2009-08-02

Hi There

I was just diagnosed today with - I can't even pronounce or spell it right but it was, in laymen's term ''tailbone pain.'' I have had it for months and, as usual, the doctors makes you wait and suffer until you can get a referral.

The orthopedic doc said there was nothing I could do and that I had absolutely no calcium in that area which was meant to be a negative. I am afraid of shots although I've had 27 surgerys on my eyes, cancer surgeries, and a whole host of other illnesses and surgerys but the doc didn't even recommend them.

I am looking for the 'why' and from what I was told today I should get a 'donut' and that's that. It took me five years before John Hopkins (the last resort) diagnosed me as having Bilateral Benign Paroxsysmal Positonal vertigo and I don't want a repeat performance (waiting years for an answer) with yet another debilitating health problem.

I have something wrong with every single part of my body and look like a roadmap......why oh why was it necessary to get one other 'something' that nobody can do anything about?

Anybody treated the same way??? Thanks for being here, Sherrie Holtz

A thought

I have been reading about several of your experiences with coccyx pain and though I wrote yesterday that after months of pain I was finally given the referral to a Ortho doc. He told me the pain was caused by a fractured coccyx and he told me that there was absolutely no calcium around it - like that was a bad thing.

I've had twenty seven surgerys on every part of my body from colon and breast cancer surgerys to back surgery to eye surgerys and sciatic pain, neuropathy to osteoarthritis and on and on. I really was not happy about this tailbone pain.....that is pretty much the last straw.

Now I see that some of you had surgery - some successful and some not. My doctor told me to get a 'donut' and that was that; no talk of surgery; no talk of anything--just ''bye bye; you have another problem'' (like I didn't haven't enough for ten people).

I too, as some of you have said also have buttock/hip/leg pain (sciatica) for years and years.

Now here is my thought. I have also had trouble with constipation, urinating (it feels so silly to discuss this stuff) and I wonder if anybody else has this problem......or if a doctor told you this was one of the 'effects' of tailbone injury; though I've had numerous surgerys I have no idea where the tailbone lands (LOL) and what is closest to it (except of course the obvious).

Everything is so close [down there] (LOL ) that I wonder if offshoot problems can result. I haven't yet asked my doctor but like some of you I freeze up in the presence of the guys in the white coat - and I'm still this way after 27 surgerys.

Please write me if any of this is familiar to you and thanks so much to Jon for giving us this opportunity. I have something called Bilateral Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (for thirty years) and if it hadn't been for a group site like this I would have gone crazy because this too was not a well-known disorder and it took five years and John Hopkins to diagnose me and for me to think I was losing it.

My email is Sherherm@verizon.net so feel free to write me and I hope all of you get some relief.....geeeeze--enough is enuff!!!!

Best to you, Sherrie Holtz

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