Is my pain from Coccydynia?

Wendy -

Posted 2009-05-31

My name is Wendy and I'm a 40 year old woman with what I found out today as having arthritis of my lower back and coccydynia. I went to see my consultant as I was still in excruciating pain after having my disc out a year ago, which left me with a limp and no feeling in my left leg and this pain when I sit or lay or what feels like whatever I do.

I have never heard of coccydynia but after reading some bits on it I'm even more depressed as it feels like I'm going to be forever n pain. I have been on morphine and tramadol but the side effects are awful and I'm like a space cadet which I hate, so I don't take and just put up with the pain, but I'm becoming more and more depressed as the days go on.

I am going to be referred for pain management and to see an orthopaedic surgeon but don't know why or whether it will make this better. I had my disc out as it was a threat to my bodily functions and ability to walk and I thought I'd be better after but I am so much worse. I wasn't in constant pain before and didn't walk with a limp.

I feel so old, I've been told not to lift, carry and many other things as my other disc may come out if I'm not careful and then there's the arthritis and I cant even pick up my grandson, life is pretty grim right now.

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