My three-year battle

Jenny -

Posted 2009-11-22

My battle with coccyx pain began late in the pregnancy of my second child. My hiney started bothering me when I'd sit for long periods, then progressed to pain even when sitting for just a short time. My OB said it was just normal for some pregnancies and it would go away after I had the baby. When she was born in Dec of 2006 I had her natural, but eventually wanted pain meds, not for the contractions, but for the excruciating pain in my butt. She came too quick so I didn't get pain relief, and when she was finally born, the doc and I both heard a loud POP.

Afterwards I was told it would heal and the pain would eventually subside. Every time I would sit down, change positions, stand up from a sitting position I would hear and feel it POP and along with that it there would be terrible pain. Sitting for 10 minutes or more caused such a deep ache that I wouldn't want to move. Hubby would have to help me out of my chair. Driving also became a chore. I'm short, my truck is tall. Every time I would slide out of the truck, my tailbone would rub against the seat and I'd wimper out loud in pain. I'd even sit at my destination for minutes dreading getting out...

4 months later with no change, I became pregnant again (planned). I had the worst time sitting throughout the whole pregnancy, but it became intolerable the last part and yet again, when I had my third baby in jan of 2008, I wanted pain meds for my butt pains. My tailbone hurt so bad it masked the contraction pains. I hardly even remember the contractions because my backside was on fire with pain. I never did get meds for either of the two deliveries where my butt was the worst pain, the kids came too quick.

I complained forever, it seemed, until my doc finally sent me to a pain clinic. Two injections later and no relief. Then was sent to an orthopedic surgeon. He said he couldn't help me and sent me to a neurosurgeon who said he couldn't help me and sent me back to the ortho who said lets try a different pain clinic and sent me to the neurosurgeons pain clinic for injections again. 2 more and still no relief.

Finally I had enough and laid it out straight to the doc at the second pain clinic. I stated I felt no one was helping me. They were all sending me in circles, no one wanting to take on the case. I told him the pain was affecting my quality of life and could he please find a doc who may be willing to do the surgery. He looked over all my test results from xrays to MRI and stated that I was a prime candidate and that the outcome is normally great when the patients are screened properly. He found an ortho doc in Falmouth, Maine - Dr Anston who took me on.

I had the surgery yesterday and am already feel better than before. When the doc met with me this AM to release me from the hosp, he said when he got in there, the coccyx definitely had issues and was abnormal. He removed it and stated I should feel 100% better after I heal from the procedure. I was too groggy from lack of sleep (another story for a different time - lets just say it involved my roommate - I was up all night) and I forgot to ask how it was abnormal, but I will ask what he found at my 2 week follow up.

It is too early to call this a success case, but since I am already better than before the surgery, I do not regret the decision!


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