Dislocation of coccyx after childbirth....

Adrienne - ripkengrl@cox.net

Posted 2009-10-18

So on February 18 2009 after I gave birth to my 3rd daughter and as the epidural started to wear off I had an unbearable pain at my butt. When I told the nurse, she told me I had just had a baby. I tried to explain with this being my 3rd baby I knew the difference of "baby butt pain" and this butt pain. Anyway within a few minutes I couldn't even sit on my butt and was propping myself up on my arms & holding my butt off the bed with my feet and at an angle. I kept telling the nurses and then I started to cry. They finally took me seriously after about 30 minutes. I couldn't even move it hurt so bad. It hurt to try to lay on my side so I sat with my butt propped up in the air until they could get the x-ray people up to my room.

They gave me a shot of morphine which seemed like it took forever to work. It was 1.5 hours before I was comfortable enough and could even hold my baby for the first time. The nurse that was there said he thought I had dislocated or fractured my tailbone and if so it was only the 2nd time he had seen it in 15 years as a nurse.

Word got around and at all shift changes all the nurses and doctors knew who I was...I was "that girl who dislocated her tailbone". However at discharge they tried to tell me that my x-rays were normal but they sent me home with lots of narcotics & a donut pillow to sit on. Now keep in mind this is a navy hospital and my husband reported to the ship that evening after driving me home & deployed the next day so I was not able to take my meds since I had 3 children to take care of.

Anyway, that was 8 months ago and I have been bounced back & forth with the navy because they don't know what to do with me. Everytime I go to someone they look at me like I am the first person in the world to have this happen! But it is so bad that in July I started to get headaches every second of every day that never went away. The navy tried to send me to a physical therapist who told me on the phone they couldn't do anything for me.

I sought a chiropractor on the outside who tried to help. Then I finally found another chiropractor who did "internal adjustments". that helped for about 3 weeks & he had told me it would take 3-6 adjustments but the 2nd time I went it made it as bad as when I had given birth. So with the little information I had from the doctors & the chiropractor my husband started doing the internal adjustments. But the relief from the headaches & pain was only temporary about 3 days.

So finally we realized my headaches were from my para sympathetic nervous system being out of whack from my tailbone being dislocated for so long so I called my migraine doctor (who is also navy but I love her!!!) and she made a referral for an ortho spine doctor. I got in to see him within a week & I am having surgery next Wednesday. They are removing my coccyx. I am nervous about the surgery but he said it is a very common surgery and I can return to all normal activities like taking care of my kids etc right away. He said coccyx dislocation is not uncommon at least to him but during childbirth is slightly less common.

I am just glad that FINALLY after 8 months I am not being looked at like a freak! I am hoping that I will be able to sit down without pain, get relief from my headaches, just be normal again! I am hoping the surgery is as easy as he says since my husband will be leaving about a week afterwards to go out to sea again. I will update afterwards. I am just finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

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