Happy ending


Posted 2009-03-01


I read this site for two years after injuring my tailbone. I had surgery to remove my coccyx in November of 2007. It changed my life from miserable to normal in less than a year.

My original orthopedist, a great guy who repaired my knee many years ago, would not perform this operation. I had every conceivable treatment, injections and physical therapy prior to considering surgery as an option. I finally located a doctor with a large orthopedic/spine group who had performed this operation - three times. I was number four.

He said that this operation is unusual, 99% of this types of injury resolve on their own within a year or so. He also told me he would have had me try all the methods in my records before considering surgery.

Recovery was not nearly as bad as I expected. I was not fully comfortable sitting in a car for a couple of weeks. I stretched out on the couch or got comfortable in bed when I needed to. I took the pain meds as directed and was glad to have them.

I spent one night in the hospital. I could have gone home after waking in post op, but it was nearly dinner time and I was real groggy.

SO - according to my doc, try everything noninvasive first. But don't be afraid to have this procedure done by a spine doc if you need it. AND get more than one opinion!

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