5 years of suffering

John Allan - johnallancoccyx@yahoo.com

Posted 2009-08-02

Bear with me as this has been quite a journey. At the age of 19, I broke my tailbone climbing down from the top bunk bed and smashing my rear on the top of a chair. Shortly there after, I began feeling a single pin needle like pain "in" the middle left of the sternum where the sternum and the ribs meet in the middle of the chest. Of course I had massive pain in my coccyx as well.

2 months later I was exercising and I had my very first episode of esophageal spasms. It went misdiagnosed for 4 and a half years. My doctors always thought it was a heart problem if not "all in my head". The esophageal spasms have continued throughout. From thousands of spasms daily (no joke) when they first started, to finally lightening up 4 years later to dozens of spasms a day. I still have them to this day, I will explain more later on.

2 years after the coccyx break, my anus started to spasm. Then my "rib cage" started to spasm. I believe this is my large intestine though, not a muscle spasms as it feels very much more internal. It felt like someone was running a barb wire around my rib cage. I remember for two days right as this pain and spasming was at its worst, I bled profusely when I had a bowel movement. Bright red pool of blood in the bowl. I went to the (college) campus doctor, he wrote me off and put me on noninflammatory over the counter meds. The bleeding stopped but this was right before I started to take the meds. The pain continued for weeks and finally died to pin needle pain like the pain in my sternum, but in the ribs right where the ribs end toward the middle of the abdomen (the ribs that are the longest before the ribs get shorter as they go farther down the abdomen).

Pretty soon my esophagus felt as if it was closing up. I had trouble breathing. Audible wheezing. I started having low grade fevers especially after eating. 4 years after my first esophageal spasm, I had an endoscopy with a biopsy. No evidence of damage from acid. No nothing anywhere. All clean. They put me on Omeprozale anyway for a long time. 6 months later I started feeling depressed, dizzy, fuzzy, weak, faint like, agitated, all the time. Massive nausea. Soon massive belching occurred and still occurs to this day. I would literally be belching non stop for minutes at a time. Just trying to catch my breath.

I started getting mucus in stool. 2 months later I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. I started to get pain in my left shoulder. I started getting pains in my upper left quadrant and upper right quadrant. I started expelling fats in my stool. There was this yellow layer on my tongue that was very heavily yellow when I would wake up (I had this for years just thought it was dirty tongue form sleeping). Ultrasound, ct scan, massive amount of blood work, all came back fine. Liver functionality test, hormonal levels. EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF in terms of blood work ALWAYS fine. Had treatment for parasites, worms, had my intestines flushed to reboot my flora levels, was treated for stuff like candida since sometimes it can be hard to diagnose and better be safe than sorry. Anyways finally had a HIDA scan showed chronic choleysistitus. It showed it had been through years of no stone induced cholesystitus. I had it removed about 3 weeks ago. In terms of those symptoms, much better.

Here's what I know about myself now with years of the problem. My large intestine / colon spasms. When it does, it can spasms anywhere. Sometimes in the anus, sometimes right under the ribs, sometimes my appendix, sometimes somewhere in between. When it spasms near my stomach. My esophagus feels tremendous pressure. My esophagus spasms. The ONLY relief comes when I belch. When I belch, the esophagus stops spasming IMMEDIATELY. And I don't mean when I naturally belch, I mean I have to belch right then and there cause the spasms pushes some gas somewhere that needs to be expelled. When my colon spasms, it pushed something to belch, which over time pushed massive amounts of bile into my stomach and into my esophagus. A mixture of the pressure and bile caused the closing of my esophagus with no acid scaring since it was bile reflux not acid reflux. My 6 month treatment for acid reflux was for nothing.

I have no idea why I turned reactive hypoglycemic. Omeprozale may be responsible for it. In fact it probably is. The doctors wrote me off and put my on a medicine meant to be short term for a long time. Not safe. Not smart. The start of health care I guess. Here's the problem though. I still get mucus in stool from time to time. My gall bladder area is healing I feel better about that. I do not get a cake of bile in my mouth when I sleep. BUT the upper left quadrant pain is as at its pin needle level. Again all my ultrasounds show no inflammation. My CT scan showed nothing but I am pressuring my doctor to ask them to review it again and specifically look into the colon.

I will get a colonoscopy soon. I had the finger and the mini tube already. No hemorrhoids, nothing apparent. I am going to a GI (after three idiotic GI's wrote me off in the past, ya know the ones that can't tell the difference between a failing heart and an esophagus).

That is where I am today. A 24 year old male with a spasming colon, spasming esophagus, a coccyx that hurts form time to time, sugar problems, shoulder pain, upper abdomen pain, and a healing gall bladder surgery.

The ONLY thing that troubles me is that this all happened AFTER I broke my coccyx. That is the only trauma I had. Some people say maybe inflammatory bowl disease, maybe diverticulitis maybe spechter of oddy dysfunction, maybe etc etc. Which may be true, but the problem with all that is that my blood work always shows no inflammation, my CT scan came back absolutely fine, and I have this feeling my colonoscopy will be fine too. So this is my question. Can a broken coccyx that healed wrong cause this chain reaction.

Has anyone ever ever heard anything like that. All I am doing right now is searching for causes. The gall bladder was damaged for years. So yes that was good to find. But I have this feeling that maybe, just maybe, some nerves that were damaged when the coccyx either healed or broke, are causing me to go through these problems.

What do you all think. Should I tell my primary doctor to do an xray of my coccyx? So I fringe that the pain in my coccyx is massive and need an xray just to get it checked? Let me know your opinion. Thank you I really appreciate ANY help.

My ideal plan would be get the colonoscopy. If normal go see a coccyx specialist.

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