3 years of pain, still looking for success

Karin - kkrod2001@hotmail.com

Posted 2009-05-10

My story began in Aug. 2006. I had bladder discomfort that I thought was a UTI but this time it was different. A urologist diagnosed me with a mild case of Interstitial Cystitis in Oct. 2006. I was doing Yoga pretty routinely at this point. In late Oct. 2006, I started to develop tailbone pain. Felt like I was sitting on a marble or stick. It progressively got worse to where I almost couldn't sit at all. Had two MRI's, one of sacrum/coccyx and other of back. Both are normal. Went to a physical therapist who said my butt was as hard as a rock and was squeezing the tailbone. After the first manipulation, the tailbone got markedly better but now the pain went to my groin. Extreme burning. She say's I may have Pudendal Neuropathy. Fast forward to a specialist who say's I have Pudendal Neuropathy and not Interstitial Cystitis. Who knows................ He puts me on Lyrica 75mg 3x's daily.

I've been to an acupuncturist, no success. My PT couldn't ever get the tailbone issue resolved.

Been seeing an Osteopathic Dr. since Nov. 2008. On my second Osteo Dr. now.

Pain is now different, in some cases worse than before. He says my structure both in my back and pelvis is pretty darn bad. When I was a child, I did a lot of ice skating, gymnastics, etc. so I fell a lot but have never broke any bones.

Almost three years later I'm still dealing with this. I don't believe it's the tailbone itself, I feel it's referred pain. When my Osteopath works on me, especially the back, the pain in my tailbone goes away but it doesn't hold.

Has anyone else been down this road? Success with Osteopath's? I would appreciate all thoughts. What are my next steps?


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