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Silke Neumaier -

Posted 2009-06-20

Dear Mr. Miles and readers of this site,

I would like to share my personal experience with problems with the coccyx, my treatment physically and psychologically in Germany. I am a psychotherapist and Yoga-Teacher and almost had to give up my yoga classes since sitting cross-legged had become impossible.

My symptoms had started in Oct 2005 and long sitting became more and more painful. I ignored it since it subsided when I got up until well into the summer of 2006, and then started getting the usual treatment by a general practitioner with cortisone, directly applied to the coccyx. In the beginning I had complete relief for 6-8 weeks, but soon it lasted only 3-4 weeks. After 1,5 years of treatment, the taking of x-rays which showed only a muscular problem which no-one seemed to know how to treat.. I started to have my entire back treated by Physiotherapists. Needless to say no relief. In Oct 2008 my whole back was twisted and so painful, I started with neural therapy by a general practitioner accompanied by medication with Katadolon S long and physical treatment with the Dorn/Preuss Method, which straightened my back, relieved me from the back tension but brought along a heavy liver infection due to an allergic reaction to Katadolon S long and kept my coccyx pain unchanged.

For 3 months I received these treatments twice a week, the symptom remained. Sitting was painful. When getting up I needed several steps before I could walk straight and until the pain would subside. I started additional weekly treatment by an Osteopath, also rectal, and the pain got a bit better, but no real relief was in sight. Everyone was convinced that a severe fall at the age of 18 is now at age 50 - cause of this pain and I was advised to seek more help since there was little exercise I could do to help myself. I could not understand, why this didn't act up before age 47. Everybody told me, this area is stiffened, hardened and deprived of oxygen.

One doctor suggested I have an infected tooth removed - I did, it didn't help. I went to a dentist who was straightening my jaw, which had started at the same time my pain in the coccyx started and received a aid to wear at night. Since I need to sit a lot with my profession and the additional deskwork I continued seeking help and found a Dr. who started an oxygen-treatment to loosen the muscles and at the same time started to work out mildly in a gym, especially with a powerplate.

After 6 treatments twice a week my attention was called by this site and another incident to the psychological approach by Dr. Sarno (see Psychological treatments for pain), whose book had "only" been sitting for 15 years on my bookshelf, read it and quickly ordered the "Divided Mind" audio version, listened to it as recommended and worked with the below mentioned method on my old anger. A question I asked myself was: where do/did I act cowardly (like a dog that is shy pulls in its tail, where have I pulled in my tail?). I could recognize my symptoms as psychosomatic and experienced fast relief within a few weeks and can now sit almost completely with my old ease and need no more treatment. I am intrigued by the process and my blindness to it for so long.

It is my intention with this letter to recommend a self-inquiring method for all those who feel drawn to try out this therapeutic approach which helps fast to address old anger, also recommended by Stanford University, it is called "THE WORK", a simple writing method, where one phrases ones anger and investigates this single thought with a series of simple questions. One finds all information in many languages on It not only helps to reveal the amount of anger, it also helps to transform it into understanding, it addresses the thinking and helps to investigate its sometimes illogical conclusions. One can simply follow Sarnos recommendations and use THE WORK for whatever is uncovered.

This incredible method is freely available and the organisation works on a non-profit-basis with donations, a general introduction to get started immediately is also available in many languages on that page.

A lot of additional information can be bought, that demonstrate this work and there are 2 books from Byron Katie: "Loving what is" and "I need your love is it really true", also available as audio books, for people who are more interested to delve deeper into their aggressions, they address all areas of stress people may have and how to find relief. There is even an online programme which you can subscribe for 27 $ for 3 months use and which guides you into the process most easily. You can also find a list of practitioners on this website. For German readers: I am also working with this method.

Silke Neumaier

Update, 2018-06-10

My pain hasn't come back. I have worked a lot on myself since then and also learnt that my body had been quite acidic.

After I wrote my experience I also met a Dr. who treated me with Infusions against acidity on a regular basis, I changed my diet, have started to do the Wim Hof Breathing and cold showers almost daily, which also makes the body alkaline.

I am still convinced that Sarno's Method and Katies Work have also helped me a lot to understand where the tension came from that led to a way of living that produced acidity.

So it is in the end a mix of inner work, changes in my diet and exercise, that helped healing after several years of growing pain.

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