14 months of coccxy pain caused by a mirena coil

Sharon - sharonep@lineone.net

Posted 2009-11-08

I just wanted to share my experience of extreme coccyx pain, which turned out to be caused by my mirena contraceptive coil being dislodged 4 weeks after fitting and wedging itself against my tailbone. If there are other ladies out there who have had no apparent injury (like me) but have extreme pain in the tailbone, unable to sit, sharp jabbing pains, then if you have a coil (IUD), it could possibly be this.

It took MRI scans, x rays, back specialist visits, steroid injection and a complete breakdown of my health, turning me into an old woman (I am 44) to come to the desperate measure of going to the Gynaecologist and asking him if it could be related to my endometriosis. Within 5 minutes of him reading my notes, he noticed that my pain in the coccyx came on less than a month after I was fitted with a new mirena coil by my GP. I have just come out of hospital having had a surgical removal of the coil, and, after 14 months I can now sit down!



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