Coccyx pain following child birth

Laura -

Posted 2009-12-28

In July 2009 I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, it was a very long natural labour and she is my first child. I had gas and air so was a bit spaced out but was pushing her out for around 1.5 hrs and it was very painful. During this pushing stage the midwife actually grabbed my legs and pushed them up towards me without any warning, while I was laying half sitting up half lying down. At this point I'm told that I shouted out "Arggh my back" however I don't remember this but I do remember that the pushing stage was much more painful than the actual contractions etc.. is this normal?

Anyhow following the birth I could hardly walk and my bum was absolutely aching however I thought this was just normal after childbirth since she was my first child and I had stitches too so thought this was the reason. I asked for paracetamol but didn't receive it and I asked to be released the same day. My baby was checked before leaving but I wasn't.

At home the community midwives came to visit and I explained my pain they said it sounded muscular and takes a while to get back to normal. It was pure agony it would take me an hour to get up out of bed and I couldn't sit down properly it would really hurt and it was absolute agony to go from sitting to standing and would take me an age to do. I also found it less painful to sit on a soft chair than a hard chair... 5 months on I still find it quite painful to sit on a hard chair.

Anyway 4 weeks later I went to the Doc as I was still in pain, she hardly examined me and said its from childbirth my tendons are sore but I could hardly move from sitting to standing. She said it takes 6 weeks to recover

So I waited until 8 weeks after birth and decided to ring Physio Direct as the Doc wasn't interested. The Physiotherapist over the phone was very helpful and said that it sounded as if I had coccydynia and may have dislocated my coccyx so she arranged for an urgent physio appt at the local hospital.

I had the "urgent" physio appt at 4 months after birth, however 2 weeks before this appt I sat on the floor and fell back and I heard a crunch and since then my pain improved loads so by the time I went to the Physio appt my pain wasn't as bad as it had been so she said I hadn't dislocated it as I wouldn't be able to walk if I had but that I had coccydynia so I had heat treatment... oh my gosh the following day I couldn't move and was in agony! So the following appt I explained this so it was decided I'd have acupuncture instead. I've just completed a course of 6 treatments and I have to say my coccyx pain is minimal now altho theres still a niggly pain and pain when I go from sitting to standing altho it is so much improved its unbelievable.

However I'm still having rectal pain when I pass stools and afterwards. I did have external hemorrhoids after birth for about 3 months so I thought this was the pain however I also have internal hemorrhoids too but I don't think its what's causing the pain. Sorry to be gross (!) but when I need to go to pass stools I get a terrible pain in my stomach and then I have to run to the toilet where then its really painful to pass the stools almost as if my bum is too small to pass the stools but the poo isn't always hard but I still get this pain. Has anyone else had this? I've also on a couple of occasions had a yellow runny discharge from my rectum but only twice in the last few months. I explained this to Physio and she's arranged for me to have a rectal internal after Christmas which I'm absolutely dreading. Has anyone else experienced my symptoms and what was the cause? I have a card to have an x ray do you think I should go? Physio said no point as I haven't dislocated it or anything as I wouldn't be able to move... do you agree with this? PS I couldn't move in the beginning lol!

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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