Worse off after coccyx operation

Maurice - mauriceb@netspace.net.au

Posted 2009-09-27

I am writing this email hoping someone has or is experiencing the same effects as my partner is and can shed some light as we are becoming desperate.

My partner had severe coccyx pain after a work accident, after months and months of putting up with pain she was given the advice that a coccygectomy was required with a one month recovery period. It is now 18 months on and she is worst off now than she was before, she can not sit down with out the aid of a doughnut pillow as when she sits on her bottom she feels like she is sitting on a nail and is forced to sit on her hip when in public and has continual shooting pain down her left leg and sometimes both.

We have gone to many doctors and had many scans with little or no result. Has anyone experienced the same symptoms and can anyone recommend a surgeon within Australia.

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