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Terrin - heart.thieve@hotmail.com

Posted 2009-10-25

I'm 22 years old. 16 months ago I had my first child, a son. His birth had to assisted by vacuum because his head had a quite large diameter. I believe this softened or partially moved my coccyx.

A week after his birth I fell down an entire flight of stairs. At first I was a bit sore, a bruise no big deal. But the pain has not subsided.

I like many others here have pain when I am sitting, and going from sitting to standing. But I also feel something moving around or some sort of popping when I adjust my sitting position or go from sitting to standing. I also sometimes feel my coccyx move when I take a BM.

I have not yet sought any treatment, I guess initially I read a lot of articles telling me it can't be helped and I'd have to live with it, and that turned me off of going for help. Right now I deal with it by sitting on either of my legs, I make sure to switch them every so often. I am lucky enough not to need daily painkillers. But the pain is still here.

I don't know where to go for a special pillow or anything and I fear going to a chiropractor for an "adjustment." I'm afraid I'm going to be in pain for the rest of my life. I really fear surgery especially after becoming a mother.

I am starting to look for doctors to see, I don't have a GP and use a medicenter doctor for any problems I have, but I also don't want painkillers thrown at me, and no real solutions.

If anyone knows of a good doctor I should see in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I would appreciate any recommendations. I would also appreciate any recommendations on healing / pain management.

Its nice to know I'm not suffering alone.

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