Coccyx hurt to bend over, sleep, have sex and drive

Marie -

Posted 2009-01-04

I've never blogged before nor have I told many people about my experience. I also don't have any logical reason for looking up a site to tell my story, ten years later after being cured of a painful coccyx.

I developed coccyx pain after sitting in an old movie theater. I had the pain for two years. It hurt to bend over, sleep in fetal position, have sex and drive. The pain was most intense before my menstrual cycle. My Dr. had no cure for me and blogs offered no helpful advice.

The way I was cured is not going to be believed by most people. My friend asked if I was feeling ok. I was sitting on a stool and I thought she could tell I was sitting in a weird way. I said, "No, my coccyx hurts." She said, "I thought something was wrong because my hand is burning. Do you mind if I hold your hand for a little while."

I allowed her to do so and immediately felt an unnatural surge of energy go through me, breathing became deep and heavy, but cumbersome. After about five minutes she let go, saying she wanted to go home because she felt tired. I felt like dancing, I had so much energy. Fifteen minutes later, in my car, I noticed I had no pain. I have not had pain in ten years.

If I read this story, I would not believe it. I don't expect others to. I never believed in faith healing until that day. I only write this because if there is anyone who is open to this, I would truly encourage them to research and try and find someone legitimate who does faith healing, but not for money.

Thank you,


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