Suffering since birth of 2nd child


Posted 1999-12-27

I gave birth to my 2nd child 18 months ago, and have had lower back pain ever since. I thought that it was just from carrying around a very large baby and a toddler, so I ignored will go away..... Well, it hasn't gone away, it is getting worse, and whenever I sit down, it gets much worse. I was so thrilled to find this web site, it appears that you are describing me! I have not been to a doctor yet, what type of Doctor do you suggest I see? I was going to go to my primary care physician, but maybe I should be seeing an Orthopedic????? I can not take this pain any longer, it is affecting my life in very many negative ways!!!!!!

I do remember shortly after the birth of my daughter walking one day and having a few seconds of what I can only describe as paralysis.....I couldn't move my legs for just a few seconds, and the pain was horrible. It happened a few times. Is this common in the beginning of this disorder? I also am not comfortable at all while sleeping, I am up 100 times a night changing positions.

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