Coccyx pain after spinal x-ray with contrast fluid


About 5 years ago I had some back problems. My right leg felt dead. Sometimes when I stood up out of a chair, I fell back due to a kind of shock. I decided to go to a doctor. The neurologist did an examination; measured when an electrical pulse, given at my leg, arrived at my head; measured muscle activity with a needle in the muscle of my upper leg; made an x-ray of my spine with help of contrast fluid. (March 1994) The diagnosis was: an unstable discus intevertebralis.

After the x-ray was done I had to lie down, flat, for 8 hours. This because a hole was made in my spine, and that had to close again. I think it went wrong at that point.

Afterwards, days later, I felt very dizzy. I had to lie down immediately. Then the dizziness was over. I remember I stayed home for a while. Some time later, I don't know exactly when anymore, I stood up one morning and I couldn't bend over. I had to get out of bed as horizontal as possible. When I bent my head forward, it hurt in my spine and coccyx. It was after I had to on a solid wooden chair at my work for two weeks. Later I could bend again, but the pain in my coccyx stayed.

I went to my neurologist, but he simply said that there was no cure.......the *******.

Later I went to my family doctor (GP), and he told me what it was; coccygodynia!

He gave me an injection and the pain was gone. I felt fantastic and was amazed that the solution was so simple. A little bit of pain was left, but you could easily live with that. During months the pain level rose again and when it hurt too much I received a new injection. This went on for several years.

In winter 1998/1999 I met a otolaryngologist. He knew about coccygodynia, and told me that the injections I got could be harmful eventually. So I decided to try another way: physiotherapy. The physiotherapist I went knew about coccygodynia. He once (maybe more) treated a woman.

This is what he does:

He searches for a painful spot and presses at that spot, like a massage. When the pain disappears, he searches for another spot, and so on. This lasts for about 20 minutes. Afterwards he treats my coccyx with ultrasound, pulsations with a frequency of 1 MHz. Sometimes he has to reduce the power when it gets too painful. This was a very strange kind of pain.

After about 20 treatments most of the pain was gone. There was one spot that still hurt, namely the most lower point of my coccyx. That was a point he couldn't reach. You know what I mean... I treated that area myself.

So it was not over yet, driving my motor or car, or even sit was still painful. I decided to get an injection from my house doctor.

He gave it at the wrong spot, so it didn't help. This was about July 1999. Strange enough after I had my vacation (2 weeks) it was much better; about 99% I guess. But when I sit for a longer time it doesn't hurt, but it feels like it's burning.

But I feel that you have to be very careful, even at a level of 99%

Updated 1999-12-01

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