Caudal Block for Coccydynia


Have had coccyx pain for 6 months now. Pain is severe after sitting at my computer at work all day. X-rays showed nothing (except L3-4-5 are pretty "jammed up"). MRI showed herniated disc at L4-5. Have had 3 cortisone epidurals at L4-5, and one steroid injection at coccyx area (not at caudal site). Two different neurosurgeons have said surgery of disc would not help coccyx pain. I'm about ready to give up and accept this for the rest of my life. Has anyone had a caudal nerve block? Should I try this one last thing? Thanks for listening. Nikki

Reply from Jon Miles

I had a caudal nerve block - the cryogenic type. First they injected the site of the caudal block with an anesthetic, to see if that stopped the pain for an hour or two. If it doesn't, they won't go ahead with a nerve block. In my case, it worked and they did the cryoanalgesia some weeks later. This worked, but only for a few days. But for some people it works a lot longer.

Updated 1999-07-26