Going to doctors regarding this I've come to see as pointless

Jennifer (taken off net)

I first injured my tail bone in 1984/5 (a fall in gym class). At the time the doctors said that it would clear up in a few months. The pain did subside some, but was still present until the early 1990's. Then out of the blue (or possibly brought on by mountain biking...something I'll most definitely never be doing again....wanna by a bike), last August the pain returned, four times worse then in high school.

I have a job that requires me to sit all day, and I'm not certain how much longer I can pull this off. The career I once loved, I now detest, and my work I think is suffering. I can not even tolerate hopping in the car to go down the street. You know the symptoms, pain while sitting, sometimes while lying down even, and extreme pain when getting up (which you have no choice in which to to incredibly slowly).

Maybe we should be forming some type of support group for people with this awful problem, seeing that there really is NO help out there for us. Maybe together we can find SOME clue as to what could be triggering it, and what may help. I'm now coming up on one year of having this problem again, and I almost wonder if it is getting worse rather then better. It is such an odd thing, that really only those that have this specific condition (as it is not really recognized) can understand. Going to doctors regarding this I've come to see as pointless...they do not seem to know what to say. I'll be researching this topic more, and checking up on this page for updates, and clues. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Updated 1999-01-17