Coccygodynia--sciatica--prostate pain-rectal pain


During the 1980's I had all of the above, not from any injury to the tail bone. When the tail bone has not been injured it is not an orthopedic problem and orthopedic doctors should refer to colon rectal doctors, but only to colon rectal doctors who have excellent knowledge of levator syndrome & piriformis syndrome, very hard to find, see doctor Rubin in Edison, N.J., see colon rectal journal, he has published.

I am not a doctor, however for 3 months I studied all of the above at the Johns Hopkins Welsh Library. The staff was kind enough to let me in because I am a member of the scientific community. If you see an orthopedic doctor you will have to convince him that your tail bone was injured otherwise he will think you are crazy, thus giving you another problem that you don't need. For true cases of levator syndrome electro galvonic stimulation may be the solution, see Dr. Rubin.

A word to the wise-- this is a terrible condition and don't let any doctor try and convince you that you are crazy, you don't need an extra problem. Your problem was probably caused by your lifestyle. I call all of the above the "sit down disease" Sitting down too long causes my rectal muscles - levator muscles - to go into spasm which twists the tail bone and actually broke it at one of the coccygeal sections, I could not sit down without the section rebreaking. extremely painful..

The solution was electro galvonic stimulation followed by a lot of physical motion, legs, try jitterbug dancing, that motion fatigues the levator and piriformis muscles and causes them to go out of spasm. You can believe this or continue to suffer. You will be hard pressed to find a doctor who will look this up or who will understand this problem. For the best up-to-date info look this up in the colon rectal journal, go back several years. My problem ended after 6 terrible years and wasted thousands of dollars seeing the wrong doctors.

Remember stop sitting down and keep moving. Good luck to whoever reads this as you surely will need it.

Updated 1999-07-23