Have to travel for work. Sleep helps

Muktesh (taken off net)

I get a terrible pain in the coccyx when I get up after sitting for a while. X-Rays have shown nothing, and doctors haven't been able to help. This has been going on for three months now. I travel a lot in my job, and after long flights the pain is killing when I get up. While sitting it is bearable, though sometimes it is unfomfortable to the point of having to get up. Having had no luck with doctors, I can offer two suggestions:

1. Get lots of sleep - I find that the pain is a lot less when I am well rested.

2. Rest your back while sitting. I find that if I lean back and rest against the back of the chair all through while sitting the pain is less excruciating when I get up.

I hope this thing sorts out. My doctor said that it may be a reflected pain from some other part of the spine, but hasn't been able to help further.

Updated 1999-01-17