Pain for 6 years. Worried about surgery

Anonymous (taken off net)

In 1989 my nine year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. During the next 5 years we were making 500 mile round-trips to her treatment center. During the times that she was in the hospital she needed me to be right beside and therefore I sat for prolonged periods for the next several years. It was during this time that I started having pain in the coccyx area.

I lost my daughter to cancer in June of 94, and since this time have struggled not only with depression and grief, but also severe, burning pain that is concentrated in the coccyx. At this time I am trying to hold down a teaching position, be a mom and a wife...preferably the best that I can be. My remaining daughter is a cheerleader for several sports. This is her joy in life. I cannot even be there for her since this pain becomes unbearable if I sit in stadiums or on bleachers. Also, both of our parents and families live far enough away in other cities that I cannot even bear to ride in a car to visit them.

I went to a pain clinic and received an injection of Depo-Medrol but this was no help at all. If anything, it exaggerated the pain. The only other suggestion this clinic had was surgery to remove the bone and I have heard some terrible stories about this. I have lost so much of my life and would so much like to have some quality left.

I know from my experiences with my daughter's horrible pain that a medical person's chief concern is addiction, no matter how much the patient is having to go through. What a system! Are there any exceptions to this rule? Thanks for listening and I apologize for taking so much of your time.

Updated 1999-01-17

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