After many years of pain, got relief from 'Clear Passage' in Florida


I had a fall off of a horse when I was 10 years old injuring my coccyx. At age 16 I had an automobile accident that threw me across the seat of the vehicle, later I had sharp sciatic pain, neck, and TMJ pain. Once I married I realized I also had vulvodynia pain. I have had 14 surgeries including lots of Gyn surgeries and TMJ, bilateral carpal tunnel, three level anterior cervical fusion surgery. I was divorced this year due to the vulvodynia.

Last year I went through some biofeedback and physical therapy that related my vulvodynia pain with my coccydynia. It was noted that my coccyx was anteverted. I did not received any long term relief. And as I mentioned in my last e-mail I was not sleeping very well at night due to some of my pain. I would get up at night searching for any information on coccydynia I could find. I was really considering having the coccyx removed. I came across the Clear Passage web site that you have on your web page.

On their web page it discussed both coccydynia pain and vulvodynia pain so I decided to make an appointment. That was the beginning of December. I have been very pleased with the results I am getting. I also know I am a difficult patient (as I've been told by Doctors). Because of so many different symptoms Doctors have had a difficult time treating me. When I went to Clear Passage both Belinda and Larry seemed very understanding to my situation and felt they could help me. I had felt improvement after the third visit and by the sixth visit it was unbelievable the relief I was getting. I have to travel three hours to get there and at first the ride seemed almost unbearable. But as each treatment has passed I do not dread the ride as bad.

Due to the pain I have, I've been unable to make any plans for my future. But in the last couple of weeks I have realized I will be able to pursue a career which is very exciting to me when I think of two years ago when my husband left me I was horrified because I knew at that time I could not make a living for me and my daughter.

I just wanted to share this with you because if anybody else could get pain relief and have a new future I think it will be wonderful.

Updated 2000-01-01

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