Coccyx surgery - 2 days ago - Optimistic about success

Connie -

My daughter, age 14, has been having coccyx pain for approximately 2 years. Thinking it was from a fall, she had an x-ray in April, 2000. Her doctor did find an old fracture and sent her to a spinal surgeon to see if anything could be done. This doctor told her that he did not believe her pain was from the fracture, but from her coccyx having a 90 degree angle. He suggested surgery, but advised he was not aggressive about the surgery since he could only give her a 75% chance of relieving the pain. He told her if she might want to consider learning to live with the pain using sitting aids, but if she wanted the surgery he would do it. There was no way she was going to take a donut to sit on at school and that is where she had the most pain from the desk seats.

She decided that even a 75% chance of no pain or less pain was worth the risk of the pain from surgery. She had the surgery 2 days ago and is doing very well. The doctor told us after the surgery that her coccyx was intermingled in her small intestines and into her pelvis. He told us that she made the right decision by having the surgery because with what he found, her condition would have only got worse and she could have had problems with having children. He is very optimistic about her recovery and said he understood why she was having such pain and why she was anxious on trying the surgery.

So far of course she is having pain from the surgery, but even after just 2 days she can tell the pain is diminishing. I will keep you posted on HOPEFULLY her success.

Thanks for your site. She was able to have contact with other success stories and it helped her with her fear of surgery.


Updated 2000-06-11

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