Coccydynia since a teenager

Christine -

Hi my name is Christine. I am 27 years old and I have suffered with my coccyx since I was a teenager. I was finally diagnosed as having chronic coccydynia in November 1998 after a long battle of trying to get somebody to take notice of me.

I have had various treatments since I was diagnosed. First of all my orthopaedic consultant gave me three cortisone steroid injections but they did not help me any so she referred me to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who decided that he would give me internal manipulation through my rectum and another injection. Not only did this fail to work it also made me worse and I started getting pains down both of my legs. I have had acupuncture, physiotherapy various dugs I have tried a tens machine and I am waiting to try a tse machine (Transcutaneous Spinal Electroanalgesia: they have a website . I have also seen aromatherapists, reflexologists, and chiropractors but nothing helps me.

I find dealing with day to day life such a struggle because of the constant ache and pains. I cannot drive any more, I cannot go out socially and unfortunately I even get pain when I walk.

It is so frustrating because what information I have found out so far off the internet contradicts what my consultants are telling me, and I feel that the people here in the North East of England have not got a clue on how to deal with this problem.

I was told by my surgeon that there is no way that he would remove the coccyx because in his opinion the risk of it making me worse was to great, but he had only come across this procedure twice and I cant help think that there are more qualified surgeons out there that may be able to help me. I am finding myself getting more and more distressed about this because in today's technology I cannot accept that they cannot do anything for people like us.

thank you Christine

Please put my e-mail address on so people might be able to write to me.

Thanks Christine

Updated 2000-12-17

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