Does anyone have menstruation problems due to coccyx injury?

Michelle -

I slipped on some stairs and hit my coccyx in April of last year. First I was told it was broken, then just bruised, then dislocated. I have had a cat scan which showed abnormalities, and then a bone scan 6 months after the fall which showed no broken bones.

I have had 1 coccyx injection which has helped with the pain somewhat in the coccyx, but still have severe sciatic nerve pain in one leg and my monthly periods are becoming unbearable, worse every month.

The doctors just tell me to take anti-inflammatories and wait for all the swelling to go down and then I should lose the sciatic nerve pain and the painful intercourse and period pains. This has been awful for my husband and children, and I am so blessed to have them.

The coccyx injection did let me walk without gait (limp) so I guess it did help there. Cant wait to be able to run again!

If anyone has problems with thier menses please e mail me. I would like to know if there is any success or not. Thanks for letting me let off steam and good luck to you all.


Updated 2000-02-17

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