Found relief in Illinois

Nancy, USA

Posted 2017-07-23

I'm 66 years old. I had a liver transplant when I was 63 and there was a lot of invasive and body adjustments I endured. 8 months later, I was in standing in the ocean and a wave knocked me down on my butt. It was soon after I started to have chronic tailbone pain.

My Internist told me that there were therapists that could help me. I do not remember what brought me to your web site. I found Victoria Yeisley listed at Northwestern Memorial Medical campus (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Illinois). I had weekly sessions with her and specific exercises to complete at home.

It was a miracle. She was so knowledgeable and respectful of the privacy, though it does involve contact with your buttocks and around your tailbone.

Its been over a year and I have been pain free.

So thank you for your site and Illinois list. I hope others find relief.

Update, 2018-12-09

I am still pain free. However, I know I could trigger the pain if I were to sit a certain way. I was going to a hairdresser and when I would sit in her shampoo chair, I could feel the coccyx hurt. I actually stopped going to her.

Outside of an occasional sitting situation, I never think about how I had coccydynia! I never even think to mention it to anyone. My therapist really knew how to manipulate my coccyx to be pain free.

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