Victim of an office job, 8 years at a desk

Sara, UK

Posted 2017-10-07

I'm writing my story of coccyx (and neck and lower back) pain, as reading other stories on this site helped me take the decision to visit Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) for diagnosis and treatment.

I haven't had a bad fall, a sports injury or pain since youth. I had poor posture and was the victim of having an office job. I'm 31 and for over 8 years I've worked at a desk. For the last 4-5 I have suffered with coccyx pain, as well as more general back pain, that gradually got worse. Every night I would go home and sit with a hot water bottle on my back (I now have scars) to try to relieve the pain. In the past I've been to the doctors ('diagnosed' with sciatica with no real proof) and was given an appointment at the physio. I don't understand how you can be diagnosed with something when you don't know the main cause… I also tried regular sports massages on my back (this was fine, but wasn't improving my problem) and another chiropractor (hated it and was very reluctant to go down this road again).

This year I had reached breaking point - neck, chest, arm, leg issues - and decided to take proper action. I read about Michael Durtnall and thought this was possibly my chance to get better. I have absolutely no regrets contacting Sayer Clinic and booking in with Michael. I booked in for x-rays and was finally shown my problems – calcification and my spine wasn't aligned. Then I booked in for treatment (there was no pressure to do this and no sales pitch), and since my first appointment I have been going weekly. Michael/Sayer Clinic has been treating me for about 3 months now and it's changed my life. The discomfort is no longer really there (I'm about 85% better) and my general wellbeing has improved. Michael also has a nice way of making you think about your lifestyle (what you eat, what makes you happy, what exercise you're doing, how you sit) so YOU can make good decisions that will have a positive impact on your back. But the main thing is his treatment. He spends time manipulating and treating the causes of your problem (internal massage in my case – don't ask too many questions and just go with it). I leave his practice every week feeling better. My posture has also improved hugely (and I used to dance) and I now sit at my desk with correct posture and very little pressure on my coccyx.

I don't have health insurance (personal or work) so I save everything I can to see Michael and his staff. This is an investment in my health. It is money well spent.

I also have weekly massages with Chifumi Fukui, who is truly brilliant. The massage is not a soft, 'relaxing' massage – it's direct and complements the treatment from Michael. The focus is on all areas that affect my posture and lower back, as well as other areas of my back, and this includes hip, chest and rib work.

The treatment and advice I have received throughout my visits has been excellent and I am truly grateful for all their help. I'm extremely lucky and privileged to have been treated by Michael and his team at Sayer Clinics. If you're on this website, do not hesitate to book an appointment. You will not regret it.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update. This patient was not ready to give an update, but replied that that there have been long-term benefits to seeing Michael and Sayers and she would still 100 per cent recommend them to anyone with back pain.

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