Fused painful coccyx and protruding neck bone spur

Waldo, UK

Posted 2017-01-01

I am a 46 year old male and have suffered from a fused coccyx since my teens, and a bone spur on my neck vertebrae since my 20's caused by a trauma injury and living with pain every day and trying every remedy and specialist I was able to meet.

I have had countless pain block injections into my coccyx, ongoing pain medication and numerous specialist interventions with no long term success until I met Michael Durtnall of Sayer Clinics about 10 years ago (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Like so many previous reviews, Michael took x-rays of both my coccyx and neck whilst standing and was immediately able to diagnose the causes and offer treatment. Manipulation, correcting my posture and exercise for the neck which has been a wonderful help and for the coccyx, chiropractic manipulation, intense external massage with a 'thumper' vibrator to release the fused bones and numerous follow-up sessions to continue working at relaxing and ensuring the bones are flexible.

Over numerous sessions which improved significantly every time, Michael gave me hope! Ten years later my neck is 85% better, with some bad days I manage with anti-inflams and pain meds (Nurofen works best x 2 red liquigel tablets at a time). However, my coccyx is closer to 90% and I am truly delighted to have achieved this finally as I am not hindered at all and free to travel, sit etc, without pain.

Over and above the wonderful treatment from Sayer Clinics, what really has helped me is the use of Voltarol Gel applied to my neck/coccyx when meds just don't cut it, even better when applied after a hot bath and you have time to rest. This definitely penetrates into the muscle/bone providing instant and long term (8-12 hours) relief when all else fails.

Finally a very BIG THANK you to Jon Miles who without this website I would not have known about Michael Durtnall.

Posted 2018-12-30

Well, it is coming up to 2 years since my previous post and I am delighted things are as good as they are and continually getting better. I never thought I would ever get to this point where my day to day existence is not governed by my coccyx pain and whilst of course I will always have discomfort and pain from the 20/30th minute of sitting down (which can be relieved by standing and walking even for a few minutes), overall I cannot complain at all.

These are the things I have religiously done to help with my maintenance and continued healing. I bought a thumper online, it is a mini version of what Dr Durtnall uses, it is a hand held machine and I run it as close to my coccyx as I can bear, which not only provided muscle relief for those muscles constantly stretched and tightened by over compensating for the way I sit but also helps ensure the calcium does not fuse my coccyx bones and keeps everything fluid. Even if there is no scientific proof it works, it definitely helps me feel better and provides relief - whilst 'strengthening' the muscles around to help the coccyx when put under stress.

My original problem did have the coccyx bones nearly fused and Dr Durtnall broke these down with his larger industrial thumper running it up and over - with tears and excruciating pain but also with great success.

I NEVER travel without anti-inflammatory and Voltarol gel and a hard cushion to take my weight and keep its shape to sit on on planes and in cars, even a movie and do not care any longer if people look, in fact I do not even notice but it has been pointed out to me. So my story does get better and I hope this provides you with the hope to continue what you are doing best and know there is light at the end of the tunnel for many of us.

Thanks Jon for keeping the website so brilliantly up to date and always sharing all the info which helps improve our lives!

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