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Birgit, Germany - b_987@web.de

Posted 2017-09-03

I have suffered coccyx pain for almost 4 years. During a one week MTB tour in 2013 the pain started when I was riding my bike, sitting or bending down and the pain did not go away again.

Within the last years, I went to many different doctors. One and a half years after the first occurrence of the pain, the doctors mentioned the diagnosis coccygodynia. In an MRI scan with contrast dye, they found an irritation of the tissue at the coccyx. The orthopaedic specialist who had done several injections of cortisone into the tissue at the outside of the coccyx (unfortunately without persistent effect) told me there was nothing else he could do for me. If the pain would not go away, a removal might be advisable but actually, he would not recommend this kind of operation. Other doctors I consulted for their opinion advised against the operation but suggested conservative treatment.

After many treatments without results (e.g. cortisone injections, acupuncture, irradiation, physiotherapy, osteopathy, homeopathy) my mood was getting worse, the coccyx pain had an impact of my whole life.

At the end of 2016, I finally found an orthopaedic specialist (Dr. Sigg - see Doctors and specialists in Germany) who was familiar with this diagnosis. He sent me to a specialist for pain therapy (Dr. Thoma see Doctors and specialists in Germany) who found out that there is no dislocation when sitting. Over several weeks, he gave several cortisone injections into my coccyx combined with ganglion impar blocks under fluoroscopic control.

As the pain came back after a couple of weeks, I spent about two and a half weeks in a pain clinic. Relaxation and mobilisation methods, individual physiotherapy and information sessions about chronic pain were part of the program. Luckily, I had bought Dr Sarno's book 'Healing back pain' before I went. Thanks to the recommendations to read this book on the pages on www.coccyx.org!

Looking back, I cannot say whether the most important factor for the change was the treatments in the clinic or the information in Sarno's book.

Anyway. I am almost totally free of pain for a couple of months now and this is just amazing. I have the Dr Sarno's book right at hand and I browse through it again whenever the pain seems to come back again.

Thank you so much Jon for these sites, all the information and all the personal experiences by affected persons. I wish I had studied these sites much earlier!

Update, 2018-12-30

After several months of living without pain, the pain slowly came back by the end of the year 2017. After some more research in the Internet, I found Heiko A. Bornemann, Lübeck (see Doctors and specialists in Germany). I can recommend him highly, he is a real specialist for this medical subject.

I went there in April 2018 to have an elaborate medical examination. Surprisingly the moving of the coccyx did not hurt but the muscles aside did! I received 3 session of treatment with impulse waves which was quite painful at the beginning but which was getting better after some minutes. After some months I received 3 more sessions. In the meantime my pain was getting less and less.

I am so happy that I can live my life without pain again without taking medicine or getting injections all the time and without having had an operation.

Today I still do not dare to ride my bike but I am riding my streetstepper, I keep doing Yoga and some gymnastics regularly.

streetstepper bike

At work my employer has provided the office with tables that are adjustable in height. This is great for me as I can stand up and work while standing and then sit down again in no time.

When I must sit for a longer time (travel, theatre…) I take my cushion with me (COCCY-X by nudischer).

I hope this time the pain will not come back again.

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