Horrible last 3 years

Evelyn, USA - evelyn.lingerfelt.mjcw@statefarm.com

Posted 2017-05-14

Where to begin? I had a colonoscopy about 4 and half years ago. No problems, or at least none with my stomach. Then I battled the horrible hemorrhoids. I ended up having surgery, PPH (tack your hemorrhoids up) and within one week developed problems. I had to have another surgery. Now supposedly this could not have created my problems, but funny thing is my problems started less than 1 year after both surgeries. My life has been miserable. I have went through 15 injections, before that, physical therapy, manual manipulation (horrible experience). Every anti-inflammatory medication known to man. Nothing has worked for longer than 3 months.

I finally found a pain clinic which by the Grace of God is the place that gave me 3 months of tolerance. I have seen specialists, recently going to South Carolina (3 and half hours away) to see Dr. John Glaser. Such a lovely experience. His exact words were, "if you want someone to cut on your butt, I can do it".

Yes I have worked a full time job, through all of this. I have missed numerous days but I still have worked a full time job even when I thought about staying at home and crying myself into sleep. I found Dr. Glaser from this site and can only tell you that was an expensive trip only to be told there was no apparent problems shown on the CT Scan they did! When my husband asked the doctor about the dynamic (sit down x-rays) he said he did not put much stock into those type of x-rays. It all seemed like a joke! Like a bad movie and you just wanted to turn off the program!

I am completely discouraged with all the doctors I have seen here in North Carolina and now in South Carolina. They all have given me no hope of ever experiencing a normal life (one without tailbone pain) again. My worst pain is from sitting to standing. I have started physically reaching behind and holding my tailbone to be able to withstand the excruciating pain that I feel. Looks funny when I do it and I make sure no one is around when I do! My life is not my own now! It belongs to this demon of a tailbone that NO ONE can help me with. Giving up is an option as far as I am concerned! I ask every person reading this site! Is there really any hope?

Update, 2017-10-29

Well, to add to my story I went to a chiropractor, which I am sorry was a complete money pit. I guess I am so desperate and due to this desperation I will try anything. My chiropractor talked a really great talk. He has been so far the only person who actually sat down with me and my husband and listened to my concerns. I really thought I had found my cure. I had several different devices used on my butt than I can discuss. Plus the adjustments, wow that was an experience I will never forget. I had a laser treatment, electrical stimulation and then there was the adjustments. Out of pocket (my insurance would not pay for the laser) was over $800 for the 9 treatments I had. Check, yep, sucker on my forehead! I ended up in more pain from the adjustments and recovering from this was excruciating.

Now I am back at the pain clinic getting injections and so far after two I am still in pain. I am praying that the third injection in November will be the charm. I don't know how much more my body can take or my nerves. I am constantly having to move around in order to be able to get up after sitting. It is a vicious cycle. I will let you know if the third injection was the lucky charm.

Still in pain, Evelyn

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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