Physio for lower cross syndrome working wonders

Alix, UK -

Posted 2017-02-05

I've had coccydinia for about four months now. It started very gradually, getting slightly worse daily over a period of three weeks or so at which point I went to my GP. I had not suffered a fall or any other trauma. The pain was only present if sitting or getting up, becoming mild (3/10) if I sat for prolonged periods (standard office work day). My GP checked for pilonidal cysts or any external symptoms but nothing visible. I was referred for an MRI.

After 10 weeks I had the MRI and got the results back. At this point the pain is closer to a 2/10 all the time, and couldn't sit comfortably for more than 10 mins. A two hour drive was agony at the end. So getting worse, but not as bad as a lot of other people.

Results showed no oedema in the coccyx. Some focal oedema in the neck of both femora. Suggested potential femeroacetebular impingement but need to check with specialist for clinical correlation. I do not think I have FAI as typically this presents with hip or groin pain and I have neither. Thinking I need to request a dynamic scan but will have to wait to see a orthopaedic specialist on 12 February 2017.

Fed up of waiting for my next appointment I visited a local physiotherapist this Tuesday (31 January 2017). He agreed it's unlikely to be hip impingement. After checking me over and doing some tests he thinks I may have lower cross syndrome. My hips are slightly tilted forwards, inactive glutes and abdominals cause strain on my lower back and front of hips. He gave me some easy exercises to do (30 minutes per day) and some tips for posture during running and sitting as well as giving me a very quick massage.

Yesterday (1 February 2017) I completed the exercises for the second time and went for a short jog. I felt very little pain even though I was sat at my desk all day. I went back to the physio today and had an hour of massage on my lower back and bum (very painful at times but felt much better after). Again today has been a very low pain day (maybe 1/10). I am being given some more exercises to do and will revisit the physio in a week.

I hadn't really considered that the coccydinia could be postural as I thought I had pretty good posture and the pain felt really localised to the coccyx, right in the bone so that I was sure it was to do with the bone shape, position or something. However the physiotherapy is working amazingly so far. I will continue with it and provide updates. But I would really recommend visiting a physio if you haven't already. Just for the massage along it was worth the visit for me. I wish I'd visited ages ago.

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