Successful treatment for coccyx/pelvic pain with Michael Durtnall Sayer Clinic London

Jennie, UK

Posted 2017-02-24

My story began 17 months ago - I ended up having a forceps delivery and noticed when recovering at home it was achy/painful in my coccyx area when I getting up off the sofa but I thought this was normal following child birth! It was only really when I stopped BF at around 8 months that I realised the pain wasn't going away, even though I had been seeing a female physio during this time but in fact it was getting worse... now also occurring from sitting in the car and then even lying in bed.

I saw various physios, chiros, doctors (who told me I possibly had post natal depression!!) but I requested an MRI just before Christmas (15 months post birth), which of course showed nothing. The doctors told me to keep swimming and come back if pain persisted...

Over Christmas I was increasingly unhappy not being able to do things I would usually be able to do and I started to read and research on the Coccyx website I found some reviews about MICHAEL DURTNALL at Sayer Clinic, London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I decided to book in to see him in January in Kensington, London and at my first appointment he took an X-ray of my pelvis and zoomed into the image to show me that one of my coccyx bones had been DISLOCATED and was fusing against another... hence every time I sat on it I was in discomfort. The MRI would have also shown this but they just weren't looking for it as it wasn't a clear break. Michael obviously knew what to look for and I was so relived to finally be in a room with someone who knew what they were talking about.

Michael also had the time at my first appointment to start my treatment right away, which is internal manipulation but he explained all about it and made me feel extremely comfortable plus I knew if I left it any longer my coccyx would have fully fused and he wouldn't have been able to help me, resulting in long term pain.

The treatment is not painful and after the first session he had had my coccyx moving a little bit. I then started also seeing MARTA DIAS DE OLIVERIA who is a female physio at his clinic, to help me reconnect with my pelvic floor, which had been in spasm since the birth with the trauma/coccyx injury. Marta has also been amazing, so professional, caring and knowledgeable. I've been seeing them both weekly since January and after today's treatment I can say I am 80-90% pain. Michael has my coccyx moving again and Marta is treating my muscles around it to help them release and also strengthen back to how they should be! I will need a bit more time working with them both to be 100% pain free but I know this is now in sight. I am so glad I found them on this website and wanted to share with anyone with coccyx/pelvic pain as you must go and see them... do not hesitate!

Michael has also been helping me with my posture (standing and sitting) and Marta on my core stability, which is an added bonus!

I hope this helps someone like me who 4 weeks ago was in a very different place... :)

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