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Julia P, UK -

Posted 2017-01-22

Cutting to the chase, after 10 years of coccyx pain here are some of the ways that helped me, I hope they might work for some of you.

For me walking and exercising upright have not been an issue, just anything that required me to sit.

Car:- we tried many different cars just for the seats, eventually we found a Nissan Almera Tino was the best. That car did us very well for 12 years, they do not make new ones now but they can still be picked up second hand I guess, The seat got my hips higher than my knees and the back rest will go down completely which was handy on occasions. I use a home-made back roll, ie sausage shaped. Bought ones are too big and hard for me. We now have a Skoda Yeti which is also good but I have bought a back rest from Halfords 30, see below, to allow me to sit upright and get my head off the headrest as it forces my head forward too much without it.

car back rest car seat

If you can afford to and need to replace seats or chairs, if you can take someone with you and get them to use a camera to take a photo of you sideways on in the chair or seat. Examine carefully where your hips are in relation to your knees. Generally hips higher than knees is what is needed.

Seats:- Lounge - for many years an Ikea Poang chair suited me, although it breaks the above guidelines as hips are not high in this the back support helped. I stopped being able to use it after 6 years. A new one didn't work, it was me just getting worse. I now have an armchair with a high seat, similar to this, I was soo lucky that a friend was having a new one so I got this for the price of a bunch of flowers, box of chocs and a home-made cake! I do need to lie down as well, not at the same time ....obviously! Our dining chair and computer chair seat gets hips quite high, we did search before we bought them!

Poang chair armchair

Theatre:- I love theatre, we are lucky to have a local one run with volunteers and very many good shows. There were times when I just couldn't manage even half a show but on good days armed with a back roll cushion, extra pain killers and ICE Packs I did get to see some.

Two years ago after 12 years of pain I had my coccyx removed at Leicester General Hospital by Mr Braybrooke, for me it has been a slow recovery, it's taken me two years but am now off regular pain killers which has meant I could also, after a while, get off stomach tablets.

Theatre:- My local theatre seats have been ok for me in the last 12 months with back roll and ice but some theatres seats are very low at the back and still cause pain, however this week I managed a whole show with just my back roll and no ice, yippee!

I still have to be careful, avoid sitting on low settees and chairs but things are so much better. I wish everyone reading this well and hope that you get improvements and no pain!

Julia P

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