I can go longer without pain after each internal adjustment

Michelle, USA - swimgirlmichelle@gmail.com

Posted 2017-05-07

About 2.5 years ago I landed very hard on a metal seatbelt buckle in a Lincoln town car - yes the kind of buckle that sticks straight up out of the seat. It lodged into my rear very hard, and shoved my tailbone up very high. It hurt BAD for a LONG time after that happened, but I just assumed I had bruised it. After 18 months, I decided a bruised bone shouldn't hurt anymore, so I tried to find some help for it.

I first had a surgeon recommend steroid injections, but that wasn't the best option for me. Some people may have success with this treatment, but I was left in more pain than I started with. After no relief, the surgeon ordered an MRI. When viewing my tailbone on the MRI, you could see that it was fully bent out of place, all the way to a nice 90 degree angle. So yes, there was definitely a problem. Next, the surgeon said he would consider removing it, but that overall he thinks the surgery is too risky on someone my age (20 years) and that in fact he would not perform the surgery even if I wanted it. Not really sure why he even mentioned it, then decided he wouldn't do the surgery…? So that was a dead end, as he told me he thought it was hopeless and no one could fix it.

I went on for about 8 months after that, but then the pain grew unbearable. My tailbone dislocation irritated different parts of my low back eventually to the point of me crying at night and not being able to sleep. Eventually, my entire back hurt so bad. I started seeing a chiropractor, but he did not know much that he could do to help with the tailbone pain. He provided GREAT, but temporary, relief for the rest of my back.

Eventually I told him that I had read online about the manual treatment, and thought that seemed the most logical for my tailbone pain. He told me that he does not do that type of adjustment, but referred me to a chiropractor who does. I WAS PAIN FREE FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS AFTER MY FIRST INTERNAL ADJUSTMENT. I am so thankful my original chiropractor sent me to Dr. Ed Cremata, in Fremont, CA, USA (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California). I can go longer without pain after each adjustment.

At Dr. Cremata's practice, I have also received shockwave therapy to help break up adhesions and scar tissue, as well as Dry-Needling, since Dr. Cremata is also a registered nurse. I have been seeing him for about 6 weeks now and do not know how I went so long without treatment. I will be forever thankful. The first time receiving a manual internal adjustment is a little uncomfy. I was very afraid that it would hurt, but it really is not painful. Uncomfortable, yes. But absolutely tolerable, and worth the outcome!

Update, 2019-03-10

I am still seeing Dr Cremata and Dr Grenman now (I started treatment 3 years ago), but I only get my tailbone adjusted every 1-3 months (Note - Dr Dana Grenman has now moved to Arkansas, see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Arkansas). The pain is so minimal now, but I make sure to get an adjustment as soon as it starts to return. If I've done long road trips or plane rides, or had a lot of class, then it's closer to 1 month between adjustments. If I'm on my feet more, I can go longer between adjustments!

Overall, it's a bummer that tailbone treatment is not a "one and done" ordeal, but I'm so happy to be pain free 95% of the time!!

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