Surgeon removed top 2 segments of coccyx, left lower 3 in place

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Posted 2017-10-15

Well my injury started when I fell in March 2017. I fell on a patch of ice, when I was getting into a car to start it for a family who wanted to test drive it.

I went through month's of physical therapy and did injections to the SI joint and coccyx with no luck. Eventually I found this site which led to me findinga surgeon. I met him on Wednesday and had surgery on Thursday. When I met with him he had said he didn't think it may help to do the surgery and wasn't sure it was even my coccyx that was causing all my pain. I made him feel exactly where the pain was and only then did he agree it was in fact my tailbone. He told me that I had an usually long tailbone and that he would only remove the top 2 parts that were attached to the sacrum. I asked him if that was going to cause any issues with the remaining 3 pieces just floating wherever they were and he said he didn't believe it would and that he thought the top 2 were what was causing my pain. So I opted for the surgery since I'm desperate to be active again and be able to do things with my kids again.

Day 1, Surgery Day. I'm not going to lie, I was very nervous. I've had c-sections before and did amazing, but at least with them I knew what to expect. Needless to say I walked out of there 2 hours after my surgery to make my 5 hour ride home. The anesthesia was still in my system so the pain wasn't too bad.

Day 2. First day out of surgery and I slept in a bit and didn't feel too bad when I woke up. I waited for the Drs office to call since the Dr that did the surgery never came back to talk to me or my husband after the procedure but he never called. I asked before the procedure if I could see my tailbone after and he said I could have it so I was surprised and there were 2 pieces in a cup. The nurses said they needed it but would mail it to me. It looked very strange to me and honestly didn't even resemble what bone looks like. It looked brown like it was decayed which made me even more nervous he never talked with me. Anyway I walked to the mailbox and talked with the neighbor for 20 minutes or so standing there and realized it was too much and was hurting pretty good the rest of the night.

Day 3. About 3 am I finally went back to sleep and didn't wake up till almost 2 PM. Surprisingly, I felt really good waking up after that much sleep. I know you're better sleeping as much as you can so your body can heal. Within an hour I was ready to go back to sleep. I was told the dressing would need to be changed today but wasn't provided with extra bandages to care for the wound and my husband and I were not shown how to do that. So I will be making a trip into town to have it checked and changed. My shoulders are sore and I'm guessing the anesthesia is working its way out of my body. My throat hurt up till yesterday because they intubated me but is better today. I've been walking everyday and other then surgical pain I'm doing pretty good.

I will report again but wanted to start on what I had to share so far. I'm more discouraged that the Dr didn't make an effort to contact me or my husband to let us know what he found and his thoughts after surgery. Even after I left messages and my primary PA has yet to contact me either. I'm severely allergic to certain meds and had a bracelet and red flag on my chart that said absolutely NO Tylenol and was prescribed pain meds containing Tylenol so from a personal point of view the care I received has been less then what I expected and a little discouraging. Especially when you feel like you've only been added to the surgery schedule for the money.

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