Well on the way to recovery after manual treatment

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2017-02-24

I wanted to say thank you for this site which really helped me cope.

I fell down the stairs and injured, probably fractured, my tailbone in January 2014. I've had an MRI and three rounds of private steroid injections, a couple of internal chiropractic manipulations, pelvic floor physio from nhs women's physiotherapy and now do as much Pilates as I can.

I was lucky to have some private insurance for some of the treatment. Thanks to this combination, I think I am well on the way to recovery - which at one point I never thought I'd be able to say!

I got a standing desk from understanding employers. For carrying around to restaurants etc the puttnams wedge cushion is great and also the staff at the back in action shop in high Wycombe were so helpful.

I can sit for a whole film, play, restaurant meal or long work meeting now. Can't yet sit comfortably on the floor but nearly there!

Good luck everyone and don't give up!

Update, 2019-02-10

I am still seeing a private women’s physio (self funded) for acupuncture and massage relief of trigger points in my pelvic floor, glutes and piriformis. I still have pain but can manage to sit for up to 2-3 hours eg to watch a film. I wish I had seen a physio sooner.

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