My coccyx agony & successful treatment with Dr Michael Durtnall

Nobue, UK -

Posted 2017-09-24

I had acute coccyx pain in April 2017. Initially I noticed pain at the tip of coccyx on a Sunday morning and went to yoga class as it didn't bother me so much at that time. But it really got worse with time and at night any position, even lying on the bed didn't make me feel any better and I constantly felt agonising spasm and inflammation in the coccyx region. As time went on, any movement gave me severe pain and it was very hard to walk as well. I was totally panicking with this severe pain that I had never experienced in my life before. Next morning, the pain had not gone away at all.

Fortunately I was able to book a late cancellation with Dr. Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) who is very well known as an expert of coccyx treatment in Sayer clinic in UK (He is normally booked up fully). I had an x-ray and consultation with him.

He explained the x-ray findings of my spine and pelvis. There was no problem with my spine but I had calcification on the coccyx joints and minor displacement of the sacrum.

He presumed the pain was brought on by a recent long flight (I just came back from Japan) and Yoga (some Asana poses) or posture.

Immediately he started treatment. As I had experienced such severe pain, when every position was painful and made my whole body tense, Michael said I would need to rest and the pain would go in the next day or two. He suggested that I come back later that week, and if the pain didn't improve he would re-examine me and refer me for an MRI. I went back to my flat and slept the rest of the day. The next morning, amazingly I felt so much better! I still had a little pain but a completely different feeling. On the Thursday, I saw him again and thankfully I was completely pain-free on my coccyx.

I really appreciate Michael's fabulous treatment!

Update, 2019-03-17

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